Thursday, April 18, 2013

My darling daughter....

Today my darling daughter turns 11!!!!

I have no idea where all this time has gone. She is flourishing into a wonderful young woman. She loves her family and she has a true love for God. Her love and understanding of Christ amazes me almost every day.

One day shortly after Christmas, one of the boys asked if Santa went to heaven when we die to bring us present (cause when your 6-7 that is VERY important). Emma said "I got this". She responded to the best answer I could ever think of. She said

"No boys, Heaven IS your gift."
Her answer just completely blew me away. I could not be more proud of who she is and who she is becoming. She amazes me daily with the way she loves and cares for pretty much everything.
So here is Emma's birthday pictures from her past 10 years of life. Enjoy!!!

Emma's 1st Birthday!!! (at the park, just a baby girly party)

Emma's 2nd Birthday!!! (umm, SpongeBob themed, yes, I already know what your thinking)

Emma's 4th Birthday!!! (we had a FIESTA!!!)

Emma's 5th Birthday!!! (Bowling Party!)

Emma's 6th Birthday!!! (sleepover / cheerleading party)

Emma's 7th Birthday!!! (I somehow cannot find ANY pictures :( I know that she celebrated her 7th birthday in Florida while visiting my brother. We ate at the T-Rex Restaurant in Downtown Disney)

Emma's 8th Birthday!!! (we just went out to a local Mexican restaurant, no parties, just some family)

Emma's 9th Birthday!!! (celebrated at home with just a girly theme)
Emma's 10th Birthday!!! (as you can see Justin Bieber came to her party...LOL, we had a huge big blowout for getting into double digits!!)
And her 11th Birthday will be spent having a family birthday lunch then some friends coming over. We are taking them for manicures, Steak N Shake and then bowling!!! Lord help us all.....