Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vacation 2012

Wow...vacation was so amazing this year. I would cloud up this post with a ton of pictures but most of you follow me on Facebook and can find them all there.

So let's start at the VERY beginning

Friday 8:00pm - kick off vacation at TGI Fridays!!! woop woop!!!

Friday 10:30pm - On the road!!!! During these long, long hours we drove and drove and stopped to pee and stopped to pee again and again (that's what ya get when you travel with 4 adults and 5 kids). I got to see the sunrise in Charlotte and of course we made the obligatory stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast about an hour from Charlotte. So we drive and drive some more and finally pull in the resort at 5:30pm on Saturday. Ugh. Long drive, talkative kids, ugh. Our resort was so awesome. It was a 3 bedroom condo which basically a two bedroom condo and a one bedroom condo with a connecting door. That meant we had two kitchens, two washers, two dryers, three bathroom and all that jazz. So on with the day, we ordered pizza, unpacked and drank wine then fell asleep. The End.

Sunday  - Emma and I drove to Tampa to see my brother and his family. First he took us to his store where he is the manager, Fit2Run, a running store. Since I recently started running, he thought it would be good to evaluate me. First he put me on this machine thing that analyzed my feet. Basically checked my arches and where I hold my weight. (apparently I have high arches and carry my weight in my heels), next he measured my feet. That was a big surprise because for years I have been wearing a size 11 but actually my feet are a size 10 wide width. Next he had me jump on a treadmill and walk fast while they video taped me!! Then he played in back in slow mo explaining to me how I run/walk and what kind of shoes that I needed. Long story short I walked out with awesome shoes, running socks and amazing support arches.

So after all this Emma and I went to lunch with my sister in law and her family. It was so much fun to get to spend time with my niece and nephew.

Sunday night we ate dinner in and just chilled at the hotel.

Monday - MAGIC KINGDOM!!!!! Nuff said...it was awesome and I acted like a 5 year old running around like crazy while also spraining my ankle. Oh and then after Disney we came home, showered, put kids to bed and then the power went out!!! So we did the next best thing, grabbed a bottle of vodka from the freezer and had a nice little party.

Tuesday - My brother, sister in law and the kids came in from Tampa. We spent the day at the hotel water park then went out for Mexican food. My niece and nephew got to spend the night with us and it was a little crazy.

Wednesday - Flea market day!!! Got lots of Disney stuff pretty cheap. For dinner we hit up Downtown Disney and ate the TRex Cafe. It was LOUD but also very cool. After we walked around Downtown Disney and bought up as much stuff as we could. LOL

Thursday - COCOA BEACH DAY!!! I love the beach, however the sun does not like me. We were only out for about 4 hours and I ended up fried and my kids were fried but only in spots. We stopped at a local diner and had dinner on the deck where we saw dolphins from our table. Totally AWESOME!!

Friday - SEA WORLD!! See Shamu was definitely the high light of the trip for me. I loved introducing the kids to Shamu and the dolphin show.

Saturday - Time to go home. We drove to Charlotte, NC and spent the night. We ate at Nana's Soul Food for dinner and it was the most amazing dinner. I even got a gallon of sweet tea for the drive home.

Sunday - Drove the last 9 hours home, unloaded the car and headed to Outback for my Mother's Day dinner which was totally yummy.

So there you have it, a very quick summary of our trip. It was the best and I got to make some great memories with my kids.


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