Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy June 1st!!

I offically have 15 more paychecks until Christmas. Wow, I have no idea how I am going to pull this one off this year, but oh well, I have 10 more paychecks till have I have to think about it.

I will tell you right off the bat, I am having trouble typing cause the boys are acting crazy. I have used the backspace button so many times in these couple sentences that I should prolly have the computer taken away and sent to bed as my punishment.

So let's see, I did have a good post idea then it went right out the window with the rest of the evening.

So I am going to talk about my vacation. We have about $1000 and 2 options.
1. Alabama - visting my aunt and uncle. We would leave here on a Friday, head to TN, spend he night with the cousins, then head to Alabama the next day and do the same thing on the way home. That way we can spilt up the 12 hour drive into 6 hours each day, taking a total of almost 4 days to do all the driving. Then we would stay at my aunt and unlces house and hopefully do some stuff locally, like the winery, zoo, swimming and taking a trip on the boat. I figured about $350-$400 just in gas and tolls and eating on the road total. Then the rest on doing stuff in Alabama.

2. Staying local at home.
Taking 3-4 days going to Idlewild Park and the Pittsburgh Zoo. It's about 6 hours of driving total and I could get a 2 night Idlewild package complete with 4 tickets for $330. We would just have to buy all the lunches and dinners. Here's what I was thinking; leaving monday, chillin at the hotel that evening, tuesday go to Idlewild, back to the hotel, wednesday driving to the zoo, then wednesday night heading back home or catching a hotel with pool just for some more added fun.

And to top things off I really haven't discussed option two with the hubby yet. I am waiting for a good time. And did Imention, that if we choose AL that we would be eating most lunches and some dinners in (saving money) and we may have already told them that we were coming.

And to counter that, our air conditioner in the Jeep is broken and what if we really can't get it working, I am traveling that far with no air in the car. Just not going to happen. I could maybe drive an hour or two but not 6-7 a day for 4 days and AL in late July is going to soooo hot anyways.

So I am really torn what to do, so please please leave comments and give me some advice. Thanks


Rachael said...

i wish i had advice, but i can see why both would be wonderful options. good luck with your decision!